We all make mistakes, whether you are traveling for the first time or you do travel often. Simple things may end ruining your trip. There are most common mistakes that most travelers do, but with a little help, planning will reduce the stress caused while traveling. The stress may double if you visit as underage and find out that the destination country doesn’t rent a car underage. Be sure to have updated information.

These common mistakes include:

1. Late booking in between flights.

Since flight plans are unpredictable, if your flights get delayed you may be forced to run through other flights to connect, by so doing you may still be late and spend more than planned for. Having a 2-hour layover between flight can protect you from such delays. This time will be enough to take you through flight security checks and have some to spare for a drink.

2. Overpacking

The temptation of carrying outfits for every event and occasion can’t be looked upon. These may lead to you incurring higher charges due to exceeding the weight limit and wastage of time moving around with heavy baggage. It helps to park as you often do, then get out some clothes that you planned for originally.

3. Not changing your cell phone plan

These will help you save on charges resulting from data roaming fees. It’s important to check on your plan covers. Its wise to turn off your data before boarding and ensure your phone is in airplane mode. For this option, you will still be able you to connect to wi-fi. Plan on buying an international plan or buy a local line upon arrival. Unless you are traveling to countries that covered under your T-Mobile plan. For the users are offered free data.

4. Not exchanging your currency

Once you arrive at the airport you should consider exchanging your currency to local currency. These will help you with transport, food, and accommodation. You should consider using the ATMs at the airport, these give you lower exchange rates. Get enough cash to last you for the entire trip, and extra to cater for emergencies. Cash comes handy when shopping in markets and paying for cabs and public transport.

5. Forgetting to notify the credit card company

If you don’t let your credit company about your travels, chances are you will be stranded once you arrive. Since any transactions done with your credit card will be considered a fraud and they may freeze your account since it’s done from a foreign country.

6. Forgetting to get travel insurance

These will help you recover some cash if your trip, vacation or business trip gets canceled. Some even have the option of emergency medical cover if your health insurance can’t be used outside your country.

7. Forgetting to check on visa requirements

There is no worse moment like being turned away at a certain checkpoint, airport or even having to cancel your trip due to the omission of certain requirements. Forgetting to check the expiry date, make sure that it precedes the date of your return. For there are countries that require it be valid for six months past the date of travel and others three months.

It’s always advisable to check with your state department for most of the information regarding the passport and the requirements of it in regard to the country you intend to travel to. Check on the security state of your destination but ensure the information is up to date. Among what consider is if the state you are visiting offers car services that can rent a car underage. Some countries have apps like Renatal24h that will help you in moving around if you are underage. It will be wise to use such services to avoid getting on the wrong side with the law.