Travel, when talked about in relation to something like a vacation is a fun word rather like the word party. It conjures up all kinds of exciting ideas, possibly even about far away exotic locations, but we are going to look at travel in the USA which has a few exotic locations as well. Travel options include letting the train take the strain, or the plane, driving personal cars, or using a rent a car 24-hour option.

Cost Depend Factors

• Seasonal:

Any travel, that takes place during holidays, will cost more when compared to travel taken during non holiday periods. We can call these peaks and non-peaks. One of the biggest travel peaks could well be Christmas and the New Year when many people take vacations. Flights and hotels can increase their rates by as much as 50% in an effort to cash in.

• Budgets:

These vary as well and the travel providers are all geared up for this. Airlines offer first class, business, and economy fares. Trains have different levels as well and hotels have different star ratings with a selection of different types of rates within the stars. The same applies to the rent a car 24-hour option where different levels of cars can be selected.

• Locations:

More expensive places to travel include New York and San Francisco.

The Best Way to Travel in the USA?

To really experience the USA, in the best possible way, a road trip is probably the best way to go. This provides flexibility and absolutely no pressure to fall in line with the rest of the crowd. It’s your vacation and you’re in control! But a reliable vehicle is important along with a great insurance and recovery package. With that in mind, it might be best to go with the rent a car 24-hour option.

Car Rental Prices in the USA?

• 1. Top of the Range: $350 to $500 a week. This vehicle could be a convertible, nice sized SUV or a luxury model.

• 2. Middle of the Range: $250 to $300 a week for a vehicle that can easily fit 4 people and luggage.

• 3. Budget: $200 a week for a car that will be good for two travelers and their luggage.


Follows the same guidelines.

• 1. Top of the Range: $300+ per night might be a good starting point but it’s all about individual budgets.
• 2. Middle of the Range: $100 to $200 per night will provide nice accommodation.
• 3. Budget: $40 to $80 per night for a private room for two people in a budget hotel or motel.

For other road trip costs, such as food and fuel for the car, just plan this around the cost of the rent a 24 hour car preferred option and hotel budget.