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This page is dedicated to Leslie Charteris. Born to an English woman and a Chinese surgeon descended from the Shang emperors in Singapore May 12 1907 as Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin: he created The Saint in Meet the Tiger in 1928. In return, The Saint kept him in some luxury until his death in Windsor on April 15 1993.

In a 1990 Saint Club Magazine Leslie Charteris set a worldwide test: "Are you a Saintly Mastermind?" *
This is what he wrote in the following issue:

"Two competitors tied for the second place (imaginary) silver halo. They were J Martin of Galashiels in sunny Scotland who simply skipped question 9. And Daniel Bodenheimer of Santa Cruz, California [webmaster of the Official Saint website]: who unaccountably fudged question 2. The outright winner of the gold, which unfortunately is much too expensive for us, is Peter Dunn of Northamptonshire in good old England with a perfect score of 10/10."

The prize was a Saint book. On the right is what was inscribed in the front. And no, it's not for sale!

So, as a Saintly Mastermind I know a thing or three about the books. What I am offering here is a an ebook written by me which contains (nearly) all I know about the books. It is basically my notes made over the last 40 years or so converted to an ebook and is an invaluable reference guide to The Saint books.

In it you will find

  • Over 330 pages containing
  • All of the Saint books, including the rare one-off compilation reprints, listed in chronological order
  • All of the alternative titles and many of the publications they were ever printed in - including magazine sources and bootlegs. Many stories first appeared in magazines, and this lists the source of every one
  • Dates and descriptions of first publishings including title changes
  • A very short blurb giving the outline of each story
  • A listing of the chapter titles (index) in each book
  • Pictures of some of my favourite cover art for each book

This is published as a .pdf file which can be read on any PC or printed off with acrobat reader, available free on the internet. I will send the winner the book on a cd-rom which also contains acrobat reader. No more wondering whether it's a first edition you have.

This is your chance to know all there is to know about the Saint books. There is at least one page of content per book, but for some books there are two or more pages.

Click here to see the the first few pages free.

Buy it here now


Unsolicited testimonial on new version:
Thanks for Saint e book [pdf] .
i am most impressed and cannot fail to compliment you on this fine work / and so easy to Download and read.   Regards  ian

Postcards of Roger Moore as The Saint

The Saint and Lady Valerie Woodchester.

Did you know Leslie Charteris was a professional bridge player?

* These were the questions:

1) In what city did the Saint have to visit the International Cemetary?

2) What was the exact sum in his bank account that Chief Inspector Teal could have been embarrassed by?

3) What was the name of Mr Hogsbotham's house?

4) What new weapon did Hoppy Uniatz invent?

5) Patricia Holm was once abducted on a yacht. What was its name?

6) Where did Teal meet the Saint for the last time before he retired?

7) What was the name of the pub that Sam Outrell bought?

8) Where did Mr Theodore Bungstatter live?

9) What is the colour of Atelopus zeteki?

10) What was the fictitious ailment for which the Saint found a remedy?